Regional utilities

Autonomous regions need their own water and energy utilities. Sufficient water and energy can no longer be taken for granted, households, companies and public organizations must strive to become energy neutral and to generate energy sustainably. Technically, it is possible to generate more and more energy locally, such as with solar and wind energy, and to store and move it regionally with hydrogen. This allows necessary facilities – such as the regional digital infrastructure – to be generated, stored and moved regionally. As with the development of a regional digital infrastructure (Internet), energy generation can be decentralized through office buildings, shops, schools, universities, government buildings and living rooms.

The own extraction of drinking water and the supply of drinking water to third parties is permitted by law if it meets the quality requirements. Drinking water in the Netherlands must meet the quality standards of the Drinking Water Decree and this must be checked regularly. Water extraction can be accommodated in a foundation or cooperative. In this way, consumers become producers and receive financial compensation for this. This means that both the digital infrastructure and the energy required by the infrastructure are autonomously anchored in the region.

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