Plakkaet van Verlatinghe 4.0

Libefrty Day, July 26, 2022

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Vandaag, 26 juli 2022, is het de tweede keer dat we de Dag van de Vrijheid vieren. Last year was the first time, and in the coming years we will celebrate this new holiday every year. It is an important day, because exactly 441 years ago the States General declared the Netherlands independent with its Plakkaet van Verlatinghe. The Netherlands left the Spanish King Philip the Second. It then took another 7 years before the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was established. The seven years between the Plakkaet van Verlatinghe in 1581 – the end of the feudal era (Society 1.0) and the founding of the Republic in 1588 (Society 2.0) – were turbulent years searching for a new form of society This is the case now, too We are currently living between the end of the Industrial Age (Society 3.0) and the beginning of Society 4.0. If we take March 2020 as the end of Society 3.0, we are just over 2 years into the transition phase, and we have 4 to 5 years to go – a period of searching for a new form of society.

So what is the great importance of the future form of society: an Elite Reset Society or a Glocal Citizens Society? Well, the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and biotechnology is going to radically change human life. Specifically, this involves, for example, how we deal with robots with artificial intelligence and human-machine combinations (cyborgs) that have higher IQs than the smartest human on earth. Many researchers expect artificial intelligence to overtake humans around 2030. Then there are artificial life and cyborgs that are more intelligent than humans. Hence, everyone – friend and certainly foe – sees the year 2030 as a crucial year. Agenda 2030 thus. The crucial question now is who will decide on the deployment of these technologies in society in 2030 and beyond. A small rich and powerful elite? Or a citizen democracy?
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