Farmers’ Perspective

Farmers' Perspective

Dutch Farmers are the basis for our food, they are hugely essential for the entire population!

Society 4.0 would like to offer a perspective to Farmers in these difficult and uncertain times.
Not only on the current nitrogen issue but we also want to support farmers and offer solutions in Sustainable Agriculture and in the release of the banks.

Within Society 4.0, our Local, Healthy and Sustainable Food domain is equipped with a “Food Expert Group. This group includes expertise on permaculture, organic urban gardening and arable farming, organic dairy farming, food safety, food forests, Agroforestry, Vertical farming, circular economy and food as preventive medicine/care.
Furthermore, we bring farmers and citizens together in various regions so that they have good opportunities for marketing their products.

Is there a need to join us in accelerating the process?
Together with a group of experts in the field of regulations, subsidy providers, lawyers, tax specialists, policy makers, old and new farmers, among others, we want to enter into the conversation in a neutral and constructive way and, based on this, offer a customized advice with tools so that farmers can move forward and secure their future.

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